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spin turn -  Backspot turn- oversway   Spin Turn   Skaters
crossbody turn- inside turn / backspot turn
Waltz open left/right and 3 other

Cha Cha
 heel toe   Arch   Peek-a-Boo back spot spin and turn and side by side   Dance on Peek a Bo

 two way spot turn or arch   Flick

Pretzel & sailors shuffle foot movement                 alternate passes -behind back-sailors shuffle

Kent & Bettye dancing the E. C. Swing at Great Gatsby dance     Champ from Canada

 wrap around & dance on & peek-a-boo & Spanish arms   Combination Breaks

Side by Side Rocks     Peek-a-Boo   Back spot Turn with styling   Back spot turn and Opening Out

 Back spot with under arm turn   Rumba back Spot Turn Bettye  

karaoke Roll     Twinkle   Walks with steps to the side  

 5th position breaks LW style     back drop spin and turn and chase
rolling off the arms     backspot spin an check     5th Position Breaks Lawrence Welk Style  

Back spot spin and check       Rip Turn

all steps Basic, Passing Naturals, Side steps, Swivels , Pendulum points

right & left side passes & Spanish arms & side by side rocks

6 steps


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